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The K9 Wellness Association is a firm believer in treating our pets as well as we treat ourselves, and this starts with the foods our dogs eat.

We searched around and were surprised to find that there were plenty of people asking the same questions, but there was little consensus on what the best things to feed you dog were. This spurred us to do some investigative research, work with dog product producers, and consult veterinarians to come up with a guide for dog owners just like you. We wanted to make the eBook simple, fun, and an easy read.

What we came up with was: The Beginners Guide to All-Natural Dog Products!


This fun and informative eBook is a simple guide to the history of what dogs use to eat in the wild, where the modern Kibbles & Bits formula has gone wrong, and the answer to what you should be feeding your furry companions. Click the link above, or click here to get your Free Download!